Mexican Association for Human Resources Management (AMEDIRH)


The Mexican Association for Human Resources Management (AMEDIRH) was founded in 1947. Since its creation, it has achieved significant growth not only in its number of affiliates but also in its services and strategic alliances with different organizations in the United States and Canada. 

In 1997, AMEDIRH was named a founding member and representative for our country of the North American Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA), made up of representatives of human resources associations from the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. 

In 2002 AMEDIRH, with the support of the World Federation of Human Resources and the Human Resources Association of North America, Hold the most important event of its history for the Human Resources area in Mexico: the 9th World Congress of Human Resources with the attendance of more than 5,000 Human Resources executives. 

Who are AMEDIRH partners? 
More than 12,500 executives from different areas of Human Resources that through the companies they represent are affiliated to our Association to receive our services, having just over 500,000 employees and workers. 

Corporate identity

Mission of the organization
To foster the development of those responsible for promoting the human function of organizations so that they and their people achieve their integral objectives within society, being the most representative Association of their specialty in Mexico. 

Vision of the organization
In order to optimize the needs demanded by its professional environment, AMEDIRH, AC assists the executive in relation to industrial, providing the necessary tools for its performance in the area, thus providing a constant flow of first level information. 

Contact details:
    Address: Oaxaca # 88 Col. Roma Norte CP 06700 Del. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, DF 
    Telephone : (55) 5140 - 2200 
    Fax General:   (55) 5140 - 2227 


AMEDIRH has a new Board of Directors for the 2016-2017 period:

PRESIDENT: Ing. Eduardo de la Garza Zamarrón 
VP & CPO Human Resources ; PepsiCo International Mexico. 

SECRETARY : Ing. Adela Giral López 
Director of Human Resources; Microsoft Mexico. 

TREASURER: Lic. Gerardo Valdés Manzano 
Director of HR; Mexican stock exchange. 

Director of Human Resources ; Merck Sharpe and Dohme. 


Mr. Laura Perea Romero 
Deputy Director General Human Resources; HSBC. 

Lic. Mauricio Uribe Morales Human Resources Director Mexico C & CA; BD. 

Lic. Alejandro Mora Gaytán 
Director of Human Resources ; Services Liverpool. 

Lic. Alfredo Carrillo 
Former Corporate Director of Compensation and Organization; CEMEX.

Dr. Humberto Gracia 
Latin America Medical Director; General Electric. 

Lic. Ismael Sánchez Moreno 
Director of Personnel; BACHOCO . 

Lic. Luis Bernardo Silva Bejarano 
Director Talent & Resources; Telefónica Movistar. 

Lic. Manuel Villar 
Representative of the Presidency to Associations; CANACO. 

Lic. Alán Gamboa 
Director of Human Resources, Estée Lauder Companies. 

Lic. Norma Saenz 
Director of HR; General Electric. 

Lic. Mayra 
Maretto Global Director; Attentive. 

Lic. Rafael Martínez 

Lic. Jorge Jauregui Morales 
Director of HR; Group Mexico.